JANUARY 2023 - Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Opening Remarks

Allan Dianic, OUSD R&E S&E Lead, R&E Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Lead

Daniel Hettema, Director Digital Engineering Modeling and Simulation, OSD OUSD R&E

MBSE and DevSecOps DOT&E

Andrew Pollner, President & CEO of ALP International Corporation

Chuck Rogal, MBSE Architect

Patrick Quilter, DSO SME

MBSE & DevSecOps and R&E

Dr. Bruce Douglass, Agile MBSE, Embedded Systems

Army MBSE Study

Alex Boydston, Electronics Engineer, USARMY DEVCOM AvM

Charlie Payne

Tyler Smith

John Shackleton

MBSE Scorecard

Dr. Omar Diaz, Principal Enterprise Engineer

Models in Test

Dr. Saurabh Mittal

01-12-2023 DevSecOps CoP – MBSE FINAL.pdf