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Monthly meetings

NOVEMBER 2023 - Cloud

NOVEMBER 2023 - Cloud

Introduction: Jim Nelson

DISA J9 Hosting and Compute Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability (JWCC): James Retallick

JWCC Memo/CATMS Action: Aaron Cummings


TRMC Cloud Hybrid Edge to Enterprise Evaluation and Test Analysis Suite (CHEETAS) Ryan Norman

Open Discussion: Q&A

11-09-2023 DevSecOps CoP - Cloud FINAL.pdf

OCTOBER 2023 - Software Factory Deep-dive

OCTOBER 2023 - Software Factory Deep-dive


Capt Matthew Robinson, Modeling and Simulation Officer, LtCol Charlie Bahk, Deputy Commandant for Information: Marine Corps Software Factory

Deborah Cessna: Navy DNA Nucleus

Keely Albrecht, Product Owner DevSecOps: Black Pearl and MCBOSS


Open Discussion: Q&A

Closing Remarks

10-12-2023 DevSecOps CoP - Software Factories Deep Dive FINAL.pdf

September 2023 - Software Acquisition Pathway

September 2023 - Software Acquisition Pathway

Scott Smith, Software Acquisition Pathway Lead, OUSD (A&S) and team: “Software Pathway Update for the DevSecOps Community of Practice”

Jonathan Lister, Operations Research Analyst, AFCAA, Steven Cox, Tecolote Research, Inc.: “Cost Estimating for Software Acquisition Pathway Programs”

Ipek Ozkaya, Technical Director, Engineering Intelligent Software Solutions, Brigid O’Hearn, Senior Software Acquisition Innovation Specialist, SEI: “FY2022 NDAA Section 835 Independent Study on Technical Debt in Software-Intensive Systems”

Closing Remarks – Rob Vietmeyer

09-14-2023 DevSecOps CoP - Software Acquistion Pathway FINAL.pdf

August 2023 - Training - Our 50th Session!

August 2023 - Training - Our 50th Session!


Tom Morton, Lead for Application Management - Advana

Allan Dianic, Director, Software Engineering, OUSD (R&E), Dave Pearson, DAU, and Team

Alfredo Rodriguez III, Enterprise Cyberspace Workforce Program Manager, US Marine Corps Information Development Institute and Daryck Fickel, Cyber Workforce Analyst

Dr. Tanya L Johnson, Management & Program Analyst, DODHRA/DCPAS, Katharine Thomas, DAU, and Ayanna Baker

08-10-2023 DevSecOps CoP - Training FINAL.pdf

JULY 2023 - Large Language Models/ChatGPT

JULY 2023 - Large Language Models/ChatGPT

Schuyler Moore Chief Technical Officer, CENTCOM

Seth Morrell Policy Advisor, OSD OUSD Policy

Diane Staheli Responsible AI SME, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Nic Chaillan Former CSO of the Air Force and Space Force

07-13-2023 DevSecOps CoP - LLMs FINAL.pdf

JUNE 2023 - FinOps

JUNE 2023 - FinOps


Melvin Brown, Deputy Chief Information Officer, U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Nathan Cost, CAMO and CSMS Program Manager US Army ECMA and CAMO/CT Team

Alexis Masterson and William Kasenchar, IT Specialist General Services Agency

Rob Martin FinOps Foundation

Closing Remarks

Jim Nelson, DoD CIO IE


APRIL 2023 - Modernization Plan

APRIL 2023 - Modernization Plan


Ms. Lily Zeleke, Deputy CIO for Information Enterprise

Goal #1 Accelerate the DoD Enterprise Cloud Environment

DISA – Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability (JWCC) – Steven Rudy, JWCC Project Lead

Goal #2 Establish Department-wide Software Factory Ecosystem

CDAO – Technical Exchange Patterns with [x]BOMS – Erica Dretzka, Director, Future Analytic Architecture

Team 8 – Virtualization: Unlocking Software Modularity of Embedded Systems, Felix Cortez, Product Owner

Goal #3 Transform Processes to Enable Resilience and Speed

DoD CIO – Advancing Workforce Management – Dr. Cynthia Devita-Cochrane, Lead, DCWF Refresh Team

Closing remarks


MARCH 2023 - DoD cATO

MARCH 2023 - DoD cATO

Keynote Rob Vietmeyer, DoD CSO


Jeff Eyink, Chief Cybersecurity Implementation Division, OSD DoD CIO

Mckay Tolboe, Chief Cybersecurity Implementation Division, OSD DoD CIO

Navy RAISE 2.0

Edmond Kuqo, OPNAV N2N6 / DON CIO Detail, DevSecOps, Cybersecurity, Cloud

Closing George Lamb, Computer Scientist, DoD CIO

03-09-2023 DevSecOps CoP – DoD cATO-Navy RAISE 2.0 FINAL.pdf

FEBRUARY 2023 - Modernizing Aging Software

FEBRUARY 2023 - Modernizing Aging Software


Garth McMurray, Professor of Systems Engineering Management, DAU

TCODE, TRANSCOM’s Software Factory Chris Lipe, TCODE Lead Engineer, Isaac Wright, Lead Information Systems Security Engineer and Tiffany Tucker, Configuration Management Lead

USMEPCOM, Modernizing Journey – 18 Months Later

Mathew Lince, Chief Information Officer, USMEPCOM

AEGIS Agile Journey – PEO IWS Forge Software Factory

Rick Jandrain, Software Acquisition Manager, Naval Sea Systems Command, PEO Integrated Warfare Systems

02-09-2023 DevSecOps CoP – Aging Software FINAL.pdf

JANUARY 2023 - Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

JANUARY 2023 - Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Opening Remarks

Allan Dianic, OUSD R&E S&E Lead, R&E Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Lead

Daniel Hettema, Director Digital Engineering Modeling and Simulation, OSD OUSD R&E

MBSE and DevSecOps DOT&E

Andrew Pollner, President & CEO of ALP International Corporation

Chuck Rogal, MBSE Architect

Patrick Quilter, DSO SME

MBSE & DevSecOps and R&E

Dr. Bruce Douglass, Agile MBSE, Embedded Systems

Army MBSE Study

Alex Boydston, Electronics Engineer, USARMY DEVCOM AvM

Charlie Payne

Tyler Smith

John Shackleton

MBSE Scorecard

Dr. Omar Diaz, Principal Enterprise Engineer

Models in Test

Dr. Saurabh Mittal

01-12-2023 DevSecOps CoP – MBSE FINAL.pdf

DECEMBER 2022 - Contracting

DECEMBER 2022 - Contracting

Opening Remarks

Sean Brady (USD A&S AE SWP Lead)

Contracting for S/W Solutions RFI

Colleen Murphy (MITRE)

SWP Program Modular Contracting Strategy

Jennifer McBee/Capt James Hanley (Air Force Kessel Run)

Software Factory Contracting Approach

Doug Raney/James Crocker/Maj Karah Schneider (Air Force BESPIN)

Prototype & Production OT Awards for S/W Development

Maj Ben Leaf (USSOCOM Global Analytics Platform)

OT Award for Autonomy S/W Development & Test Platform

David Michelson (Defense Innovation Unit)

LTC Chris Orlowski (Army Robotic Combat Vehicle)

12-08-2022 DevSecOps CoP – Contracting FINAL.pdf

NOVEMBER 2022 - Testing and Evaluation in DevSecOps

NOVEMBER 2022 - Testing and Evaluation in DevSecOps

Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) T&E in DevSecOps

Introduction: Lorie Sather – Division Chief

Ellen Preiss, Technical Director

Carter Farthing, T&E Automation

Zee Villafane, Operational Testing

Elaine Macari, Approved Products List

Testing and Evaluation (T&E) Documentation

Nilo Thomas​, OSD/Office of the Director, Operational Test and Evaluation​, Strategic Initiatives, Policy, and Emerging Technologies

David Hoffman, DoD CIO Cloud and Software Modernization

11-10-2022 DevSecOps CoP – JITC & T&E FINAL.pdf