June 2024 - Agile


  • Dr. Suzette Johnson, is a Fellow at Northrop Grumman. Focusing on the Space sector, she promotes the implementation of Industrial DevOps โ€“ Lean, Agile and DevOps in large scale software/hardware systems environments
  • Ms. Robin Yeman, currently working with SEI with Space Domain defense and gov organization to improve their software intensive systems โ€“ Enterprise Lean Agile leader
  • Dr. Jeff Boleng, Aircraft cybersecurity lead at Joby Aviation โ€“ retired Air Force, former Deputy Dept Head of Computer Science at USAFA, Acting CTO at CMU/SEI, and special assistant to Hon Ellen Lord (OUSD/A&S) for software acquisition
  • Lt Col Michael Tanner, Materiel Leader ยท Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Program Manager for defense acquisitions, research, and development with an emphasis in leveraging DevOps Discussion and Q&A

06-13-2024 DevSecOps CoP - All About Agile.pdf