February 2024 - Director, Operational Test & Evaluation (DOT&E)


“Pioneer T&E of weapon systems built to change over time” Overview: DOT&E Implementation Plan Pillar 4: Nilo Thomas, Action Officer, OSD DOTE, Dr. Kristen Alexander, Chief Learning and Artificial Intelligence Officer, OSD DOTE

Software and Cyber T&E Workforce Pathfinder: Jeff Upton, Kari Lippert, DOT&E and Threat Systems Management Office (TSMO)

Risk Acceptance Level of Test (RALOT): Nanette Brown, Software Engineering Institute (SEI)

Commercial Software Tool Investigation: Hamed Okravi, MIT LL

Automated User Feedback and OT&E Software T&E Companion Guide: Nilo Thomas, Timothy Mott, Andrew Pollner, Pillar 4 Scientific Test and Analysis Techniques Center of Excellence (STAT COE)

Closing Remarks

02-08-2024 DevSecOps CoP - DOT&E FINAL.pptx