Platform One Resources



  • Iron Bank is the DOD wide repository of approved containers provided at no cost by Platform One
  • Repo One is the DoD wide source code repository with the Infrastructure as Code, Configuration as Code to automatically deploy various options of Kubernetes (Redhat OpenShift, D2IQ Konvoy, VMWare TKG, Oracle, Rancher Federal RKE, etc.), various options of CI/CD stacks, SCSS, and all our containers. This provides transparency and the ability to share code across DoD and the DIB including startups/corporations.
  • Platform One Party Bus All Domain Common Environment: is a multi-tenant, multi classification DevSecOps environment managed service. This is great for smaller teams, teams that want to get started rapidly, teams that need training etc. Programs don’t pick the tools.
  • Platform One Big Bang is a dedicated DevSecOps environment that is totally customized to a specific DoD program’s needs. They can be deployed anywhere, at any classification levels. They are customized and tools are picked by the PMO.
  • Cloud Native Access Point (CNAP) is the first Cloud elastic Access Point. It also moves the DoD from a perimeter security mindset to Zero Trust. This will particularly be critical for ABMS to enable teams to access various classifications with the same security stack.
  • Platform One is partnering with OSD R&E to build a Digital Engineering as a Service stack at various classification levels to enable easy access to Digital Engineering tools.
  • Platform One is partnering with JAIC to build a AI/ML/Deep Learning stack at various classification levels to enable easy access to AI/ML/Deep Learning tools, using Kubeflow on top of Kubernetes.
  • DevStar: Platform One and various AF programs are working to remove bottlenecks in accreditation, particularly in OT/DT/airworthiness and nuclear surety.