DAF Cloudworks

DAF Cw delivers secure cloud platforms from test and development to operational production (DevSecOps) on all three classification enclaves–Unclassified, Secret, and Top Secret SCI. We offer an accredited pipeline that allows programs to leverage continuous Authority to Operate (cATO) offered by Platform One (P1). This method of operations saves time and money with established Software Factory and Platform resources. We also offer an Enterprise Cloud environment that maintains and supports customer’s computing infrastructure, offering enterprise and security services to deploy directly to a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Visit the DAF CLOUDworks (DAFCw) website (CAC required).


  • Designated Cloud Office for Air Force ISR customers, merging Operational DevSecOps for ISR NexGen (ODIN), Virtual ISR Integration Enclave (VI2E), and the Mission Modernization Office (M2O) into one entity, and providing governance, contracting information, contractor support, cost analysis support, security, cloud brokerage, provisioning, and education–a single front door to cloud IaaS, PaaS and SaaS resources
  • Leverages sponsor’s multi-cloud and multi-classification Commercial Cloud Enterprise (C2E) contract
  • Simplifies cloud hosting of digital infrastructure and deployment of software via an accredited platform by providing the technical expertise, software licensing and contracting mechanisms—this allows you to focus on your mission while we manage the hosting environment
  • Security policies baked into the offerings to accelerate your path to production and accreditation.
  • If you leverage our platform, we can deploy your approved containers from P1 in days rather than weeks or months that it might take to attempt that on your own.
  • If we provide your own cloud landing zones, we can reduce your time to an ATO by months by enabling you to inherit more than 100 controls from our Common Control Provider (CCP) package


  • Ready to take the next step and learn more about cloud services that support your needs? Please Register Here (Inquiry – New Item (intelink.gov) and complete our onboarding questionnaire.
  • What happens next? One of our teammates will contact you to setup the initial customer engagement meeting. We’ll then brief you on our services and help determine what meets your needs. We will also provide you with the cost and schedule information you need to begin your cloud journey.
  • If you have further questions, please contact us at DAF.CLOUD.works@us.af.mil