ODIN offers a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Party Bus Software Factory option. Both options provide Customers with develop, test and production environments on all three enclaves. Centrally funded, in part, by Headquarters Air Force, ODIN’s partnership with Platform One allows us to provide customers an accredited Party Bus pipeline and continuous Authority to Operate (cATO).
ODIN’s primary focus is to support the Air Force IC community. We are currently hosting ABMS and SpaceCAMP applications (operating under IATT, pilots) which allows them to promote compiled code (packaged applications) that have a Certificate to Field (CtF) through the P1 cATO pipeline into the Secret and Top Secret environments. ODIN has a fully ATO’ed Transfer Service which allows developers to rapidly and securely transfer code from the unclassified environment to the Secret and Top Secret environments.
The ODIN method of operations is focused on integrating with Platform One by:
• Onboarding applications through the Platform One Party Bus customer success team which ensures that the code has a CtF prior to entering the ODIN environments
• Sharing compute, storage and licensing costs
• Provide programs with a cATO by utilizing accredited pipelines in Platform One and the ODIN environments

Contact Information: odin@us.af.mil