Software Factories


LevelUP is the cyber factory team for the Air Force and is the team behind Platform One, the centralized team that provides DevSecOps/Software Factory managed services with baked-in security to Air Force and Department of Defense programs. The team will provide the ability to deploy a DevSecOps Platform (CNCF-compliant Kubernetes stack) and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline with a Continuous Authority to Operate (c-ATO).

Business and Enterprise System Product Innovation (BESPIN)

Strategic Human Centered Design and Cultural/Change Management – Restless Creations – Execution, Cultural Change, Change Management, and User research and design focused support.

Kessel Run

Deliver combat capability that can sense and respond to conflict in any domain, any time, anywhere.

The Space Command and Control (C2) program (Kobayashi Maru) provides capabilities that bring critical services to our warfighters to facilitate timely, quality battlespace decisions.


We are a Platform1 software factory located in Salt Lake City, Utah, focused on the continuous development and deployment of Hill AFB mission applications to the warfighter.


This isn’t the waterfall software factory the United States defense industry standardized in the 80’s. SoniKube is a node of LevelUp located within the AFSC SWEG Enterprise (Air Force Sustainment Center / Software Engineering Groups).


Not your mother’s waterfall development shop. Located in Colorado Springs, CO, SpaceCAMP is the software factory for SMC’s Space C2:Kobayashi Maru program focused on the continuous development and deployment of Space C2 mission applications to the warfighter. SpaceCAMP is a joint program between organizations including SMC, AFRL, the 14th AF Combat Development Division, AFWERX, SPAWAR and USAFCENT and supported by Platform One by LevelUP; in other words, a bunch of random nerds working together to deliver new capabilities to the NSDC and broader space community.