SkiCAMP LogoWe are a Platform1 software factory located in Salt Lake City, Utah, focused on the continuous development and deployment of Hill AFB mission applications to the warfighter.

Chances are you’ve heard of Sonikube. Starting in 2019, they proved out a model of DevSecOps with a Continuous-ATO (C-ATO) for the deployment of kubernetes to the F-16. Sonikube has dozens of news articles, but many talk about the presentation at KubeCon in 2019 where the AF CSO Mr. Chaillan highlighted the accomplishments of Sonikube in front of 2000 kubernetes engineers. The Sonikube team went on to become the initial cadre that began SkiCAMP.

Chances are you’ve also heard of SpaceCAMP. SoniKube onboarded at SpaceCAMP where they quickly adopted the culture and organization that SpaceCAMP has successfully implemented.

The SkiCAMP method of operations mirrors the SpaceCAMP model and builds on it in a
few ways:

  • Culture of “art of the possible” with self-starting, intrinsic learning, organic
  • User centered design experience
  • Provide an organic AF DevSecOps/Software Factory with baked-in security to
    GBSD, F22, F16, and Other Hill AFB programs.

Contact Information:

Eeyore, SkiCAMP CTO: