SpaceCAMP LogoNot your mother’s waterfall development shop. Located in Colorado Springs, CO, SpaceCAMP is the software factory for SMC’s Space C2:Kobayashi Maru program focused on the continuous development and deployment of Space C2 mission applications to the warfighter. SpaceCAMP is a joint program between organizations including SMC, AFRL, the 14th AF Combat Development Division, AFWERX, SPAWAR and USAFCENT and supported by Platform One by LevelUP; in other words, a bunch of random nerds working together to deliver new capabilities to the NSDC and broader space community.

Chances are you’ve heard of Kessel Run. Starting in 2016, they proved out a model of DevSecOps with a Continuous-ATO (C-ATO) for the air operations world. Kessel Run has dozens of news articles, but many talk about the first project: an air refueling planner called Jigsaw (it might be worth the Google.) Half of the original Jigsaw Air Force team were part of the founding team that started SpaceCAMP. Here’s the secret sauce of Kessel Run:

  • Loosened bureaucracy to permit a C-ATO
  • User-centered design & balanced teams
  • A culture informed by Pivotal Labs to support this model

SpaceCAMP takes this proven model and builds on it in a few ways:

  • Avoid vendor-lock by building on an open platform (Kubernetes/Istio)
  • Embrace DevSecOps principles outlined by the DoD CIO & AF CSO
  • Consider microservice / service mesh architectures early & often
  • Leverage event-driven behavior across the entire portfolio–even client-side
  • Build a network of like-minded software shops to collaborate & learn from

Contact Information:

Lt Jackie
SpaceCAMP Counselor, AFRL/RVSW

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