Space CAMP logoLocated in Colorado Springs, CO, Space CAMP is a software factory focused on the continuous development and deployment of USSF mission applications to the warfighter. As a software node of Platform One (the DoD Executive agent for DevSecOps) for Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), we aim to avoid vendor-lock by building an open platform (Kubernetes/Istio), embrace DevSecOps principles outlined by the DoD CIO and AF CSO, consider microservice/service mesh architectures early and often, leverage event-driven behavior across the entire portfolio, and build a network of like-minded software shops for collaboration. By embracing the eXtreme Programming (XP) flavor of agile software development (paired programming, test driven development, CI/CD, and small iterations), Space CAMP is able to continually produce quality code that can adapt to rapid changes and meet the high level of security standards necessary for maintaining a Continuous Authority to Operate (C-ATO). Additionally, the applications developed at Space CAMP follow user-centered design, a process through which designers continuously engage with users and employ a mixture of investigative and generative methods and tools to develop an understanding of user needs. This whole process results in recurring capability delivery to the operations floor.

Mission: Pioneering a USSF ecosystem that accelerates dynamic solutions from discovery through deployment.

Vision: To transform the digital force through rapid software development, collaborative innovation, and servant leadership.

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