This Is What We Do!

The warfighter needs cloud computing yesterday. Whether seeking cost savings or the latest machine learning/artificial intelligence capabilities, Cloud One Delivers results quickly!

Customers look to Cloud One as the cloud experts and premier cloud service delivery organization. Capability is delivered to the customers across boundaries (organizational, contractual, and security) without disruption!

Cloud One is the trusted cloud computing platform for the Department of Defense. National security information and Personally Identifiable Information are hosted and protecting that information is critical. Maintaining that hard earned trust is a cornerstone of our service.

Cloud One delivers four key services to customers: Secure Cloud Hosting, Cloud Onboarding, Cloud Migration as a Service, and Secure Cloud Data Transport.

*Valid through Dec 2020

Cloud One Overview

Cloud One is the leading provider for state-of-the-art cloud computing platforms, technologies, approaches, and solutions. The Cloud One Program Office delivers and sustains war-winning IT capabilities to the DoD through the provisioning of common secure computing environments, standardized platforms, system migration and support services, and data management.

Secure Cloud Hosting Platform

Cloud One delivers the secure cloud hosting platform from development to production that mission systems need to cost-efficiently deliver capability to the warfighter.

Cloud One delivers that platform across multiple impact levels and clouds with inheritable controls and common services that enable DevSecOps and quick cloud adoption.

Cloud On-Boarding

Cloud One is the ‘one-stop-shop’ for Air Force cloud computing. Cloud One engages with customers across a variety of mediums to ensure that mission owners have the information needed to effectively rationalize, plan, and budget for a cloud journey.

Migration as a Service

Cloud One provides the migration service to quickly and cost effectively transition workloads to commercial clouds.

By providing the processes, expertise and contract, Cloud One delivers to mission owners the promise of cloud computing while avoiding common migration pitfalls.

Data Transport

Access to data is one of the driving factors for cloud adoption. Cloud One provides secure, performative data transport capabilities to access clouds, and then keeps data flowing between systems in the cloud(s) and on-premise.

Cloud One Provides

Common Computing Environment

We provide the guardrails to the cloud in a standard manner so you can focus on your mission.

Single, Federated, MFA Security Tier

There is one login across all logins with one user that all management applications leverage, no secondary logins, and non-elevated machine accounts. Fully audited for all management activities.

Fully Automated

All environmental stand-up is managed by automation scripts drastically speeding up deployment, reducing manual work, and human error.

Proactive Scaling & System Monitoring

Mission Owners can see all operational metrics and provide rules and alerts to manage each mission their way.

DevSecOps Focused

Secure, mission driven deployments are built into the framework to ensure self-service and seamless deployments.

Cloud One Offerings

  • On Demand: Accessible 24/7/365; Software is not on a single machine.
  • Scaleable: Shared resource = lower total cost of ownership at 5 years on average.
  • Measurable: Metered reporting – know usage by billing. Pay per use scalable model (pay for your computer, storage and shared services), as easy as MIPRing money.
  • Migration As A Service (Maas): A Cloud One approved and experienced migration vendor will migrate your system or app for you.
  • Hybrid Migration: Cloud One works with your vendor of choice to migrate your app.
  • Dev space to create your cloud code, app, system; your own personal sandbox.
  • 2 Cloud options: AWS & Azure.
  • All Cloud One hosted environments receive access to a suite of common security tools and capabilities.
  • In addition to our Cloud One specific offerings, Cloud One partners in various on-boarding efforts with many of our cloud Partners who offer space for a myriad of needs.

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